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German Longhaired

A Complete List of 20 Long-Haired Dog Breeds

[ad_1] When you think of the long-haired dog breeds, there are so many styles you get! The most prominent among them is the silky swish of the trot of an Afghan Hound. The bounce of the cords of a Puli never fails to impress, and the top knot on the tiny head of a Yorkie. The long-haired dog breed needs daily brushing and frequent grooming visits. In other cases, it...

5 Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies to Follow

5 Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies to Follow

[ad_1] Alopecia or hair loss can be partial or full. Hair in dogs is quite a common problem noticed in canine breeds. It can happen due to various causes like allergies, endocrine disorders, and also sometimes due to infections. It is significant to find out the root cause of hair fall if it is extensive before the condition becomes irreparable. Dogs, irrespective of breed and age can be afflicted by...