Dancer, a dog who had accidentally fallen off a cliff at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Alger County, Michigan, has been successfully reunited with her family. The incident occurred Wednesday evening when the 3-year-old dog slipped out of her leash and landed on a ledge approximately 60 feet below Miners Castle.

Despite initial concerns that Dancer might not have survived the fall, her owners could not locate her in the darkness.

Later that night, Pictured Rocks Park Rangers received a report about the lost dog. Seeking assistance, the rangers collaborated with the Superior High Angle Rescue Professionals (SHARP), a local rope rescue team.

SHARP members Erik Olsen, Westley Shaffer, and Tyler Davis were dispatched to the treacherous section of the Lake Superior shoreline where Dancer was last seen.

The following morning, the SHARP team successfully located Dancer and facilitated her rescue. A Facebook post by the park rangers confirmed the joyful reunion between Dancer and her family, who were visiting from Minnesota.

Chief Ranger Joe Hughes emphasized the importance of being prepared for slippery and rapidly changing cold conditions, even in this year’s mild winter at Pictured Rocks.

To ensure dogs’ safety while exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, park staff compiled some helpful tips for visitors.